Saturday, January 21, 2012

Donna and Saturday Morning Coffee

You will always be one of my best friends, you know too much.
Friendship: A Collection of Wit and Wishdom

Donna and I meet every Saturday at 9:00 for coffee at Alaska Roasters Coffee House.  We drink coffee, eat a cookie from the bakery and decompress from the week.  We talk about our kids, our jobs, our husbands, the food we've cooked, the quilts we plan to make, our lives in general.  We laugh at ourselves and the foolish things we've done (that would be me) and we encourage each other with what is facing us for the coming week.  I wouldn't make it through without my Saturday mornings with Donna.
Donna is that kind of friend that you feel so fortunate to have and wonder what you ever did to deserve her.  When our house burned down, 9 months after we bought it, she was sitting there, in a stranger's kitchen, having coffee and calmly waiting for me as I struggled out of bed to face the day.  She is the calm voice of reason when I get manic about this child or that, offers reasonable advice for home/work/school/kid situations, and quietly listens as I unfold my woes because I didn't take her advice and she never says, "I told you so."
 Donna is a gift.

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  1. I love friends like that! It's such a blessing to have them!


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