Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Snow Break up

I love Spring, but it is a little difficult in Fairbanks.  People say we don't really get a spring, we get break-up.  That is the time when everything melts, the trash that has accumulated all winter starts to peek out of the snow, the roads are always wet in the afternoons so your car is really dirty and the roads are all frozen over in the morning so you have to be very careful.  Then, suddenly, it is Summer.  Fairbanks has three seasons, Winter, Break-Up and Summer.
April is a pretty dirty looking month.  The snow is brown and dirty as it melts, the cars are dirty from the wet streets, trash is along the roadways.  The only nice thing is we are over 15 hours of daylight, gaining about 7 minutes of daylight every day, and it is getting warmer.  Mid May our Borough has a clean up day and everyone gets out and spends some time cleaning up trash along the roads, it really is an uplifting sight.  We do have to be careful though, some years they have had to postpone clean up day because it is snowing too hard.
My husband is really ready for the snow to be gone.  He spends his early evenings after work moving the snow around our yard so it will melt faster.  In the front, he gets on the 4-wheeler and pushes the snow around with the plow blade.

In the back he gets the snow blower and blows the snow around to the pavers where it will melt faster.
I was telling my friend, Donna, how people drive by and give him funny looks.  She said her husband and son do the same thing, so maybe it is just a boy thing?  We do have the first green lawn in the neighborhood and a good looking lawn at that (more on that later).  So I think I'll sit on the deck with the drink of the week and try not to think about his obsessive behavior (like I don't have any of my own).

This drink of the week is about the color of our spring snow...not white, not really brown.  But there is something hopeful about spring snow here, like it looks so bad summer has to be around the corner.  A couple of these drinks and you won't care if summer is around the corner or not!
Enjoy safely.

Spring Snow
2 shots half and half
1 shot sambuca
1 shot kahlua
1 shot Irish cream

Mix all ingredients in a glass with ice.  Stir well. 
Makes one drink.

April 20, 2011     Daylight  15 hours, 51 minutes, 0 seconds     Current Temp.  48ºF

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