Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boy's Camping Trip

This was the boy's camping weekend.  I drove out on Saturday afternoon, had dinner with them, visited with my niece a bit, picked up the baby boy and came home.  The Bboy had to come home and get homework done for class on Monday morning so he couldn't stay.

They all had a great time, Dave came back sunburned on Monday.  I know this is the first of many weekend trips.
Hershey's favorite place, in Dave's lap.

The Bboy taking a nap after digging new horseshoe pits...he was tired.

My niece and nephew and two great nephews.

The camp and campers, I'm surprised no one is being carried away by mosquitoes.  They were really bad.

More of the camp

The only wildlife I saw that whole day.

Part of the stream

The view from the camp

I guess I like that piece of dead tree, I took like 57 pictures of it, so you get to see two.
They had a fun uneventful weekend until my nephew wrecked his 4-wheeler.  He went in to the emergency room but no broken bones or cracked ribs.  The road rash is quite impressive and he will be feeling it for a while, but all it good.  And I thought it would be one of the kids that crashed and burned!

June 17, 2014   Sunrise: 2:59 am  Sunset 12:45 am   Temp. H 68/ L 48°F

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