Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gin and Tonic

When I was in college (a million years ago) a friend always drank gin and tonics.  Every Friday, we would head over to his dorm and about 15 of us would unwind from a tough week of assignments, work study, and cafeteria food.  He drank Tanqueray gin, and while I tried it a couple times to be sure, it just tasted like chewing on pine needles to me.  I avoided gin from then on.

This past summer, my mom and dad would have a gin and tonic every once in a while.  One day, Dave brought home Bombay Sapphire gin...and now I'm hooked.  I told them how I don't like it and then I took a sip.  Oh, the mistakes we make. I like mine with a lot of fresh lime juice, two shots of gin and lots of ice with my tonic.  It is like an adult lime-aide.

So, when the week gets tough, I look at my husband and just say, "lots of lime please."

Gin and Tonic

2 shots Bombay Sapphire gin
1 lime, cut in quarters, juiced and 1/4 of juiced lime piece placed in glass
tonic water

Drink with day my mom had a strong one and she was a little wobbly!

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September 8, 2016  Sunrise 6:54 am  Sunset 8:40 pm  Temp. H 57/ L 36˚F

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