Monday, September 22, 2014

Drink of the week


My computer crashed.  It was 11 months old.  What do I do that causes this?  If you remember this is not the first time I have had a computer crash, and you think I would have learned my lesson and back everything up.  But, sadly, no.  I did not learn from past misfortunes.

So, I am leaving for my fall recruiting trips.  I am starting with Montana.  I visit 5 universities in Montana, over the course of a week, and have a 60 minute powerpoint presentation to give.  I've been working on that thing all summer.  Then, 4 days before I leave, my hard drive crashes.

Ask me if I was smart enough to keep a copy of the power point on our shared server....

Ask me if I was smart enough to put a copy of the power point on the USB I had sitting next to my desk...

Ask me if I was smart enough to email a copy of the power point to anyone else in the whole entire world....


And so I am spending the rest of the week recreating the power point.  Luckily, I just practiced in front of my office mates and still had their notes of suggestions to help guide me in the recreation.  And luckily it happened 4 days before I left, not the day before, or (gasp) while I was in Montana!

However, I was not thinking about that on the day of the crash, I was only thinking "Holy buckets, why does this keep happening to me?"

And I went home.

And I had an adult beverage...or two.

So now I've ordered an external hard drive and a time machine for my computer so it will automatically back up my hard drive, and next time it crashes...because history does repeat least I will be ready.


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