Thursday, November 3, 2011

The beginning...

How do you introduce yourself to someone you've never seen, and probably won't?  And what drives us to post, picture and share a part of our lives with anyone who wants to take a peek?  I can't really answer those questions and yet, here I go.

We live in Fairbanks, Alaska.  My husband was born and raised here, I moved here full time in 1981, before that I spent every summer here as a kid.  Fairbanks is a wonderful community and we do love it, but our kids are grown and three of the five have moved out of state, and the winters are very dark and cold.  So, I really need to stay busy to keep away from "cabin fever" and driving my husband crazy too.  I love to cook, esp. bake and thought a baking blog would be something I could do and learn a few things...about cooking, about photography (don't hold these first pictures against me, I'm trying to learn).  I'd like to share the unique life we have in Fairbanks, show you what our reality is like and cook my way through this long winter that just started.

November 3, 2011  Daylight 7 hrs, 40 min, 21 sec.  Current temp. -5 F

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  1. Yeah I'm following you now! What a cute idea!

    Love you guys!


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