Friday, December 14, 2012

My new Nativity

11 years ago when we first moved into our house, I told Dave I wanted a nativity as part of our Christmas decorations.  We looked everywhere, no luck.  So we went online and looked, turns out shipping was twice the cost of the items.  I decided we didn't need a nativity.

Little did I know, Dave continued the search.  Every year he checked Craig's List, the second hand stores, and the box stores.  This year he scored!  He found a six piece nativity that had the holy family and three wise men.  He had to do a little electrical work on the wise men so they would light up, but other than that, they are perfect.
Starting the manger in the garage

He called me down to the extra room to "help him" one evening.  I was a little put out since I was watching the football game, but I went.  There they sat, waiting patiently to be moved to the yard.  I couldn't believe it. (Yes,  cried, I'm a big baby that way)
Dave "fluffing" the straw.

Dave went to work on the manger.  He built one out of 2X4's and pallets.  He re-wired a star set to get one star to hang over the manger, and he put it all together in the front yard.  Now, I know Joseph and Mary never saw a lick of snow on that first Christmas day, but to me, this snowy scene is perfect.

How ever you celebrate this holiday season, I wish you peace, rest, prosperity, and joy.
December 14, 2012   Daylight 3 hours, 48 minutes, 38 seconds   Temp H -38/L-44 F

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