Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zachary getting kicked out of Sunday School

He didn't stand a chance, I always told him he was hatched from an egg.
With the Curly haired boy's wedding coming up, we have been doing a lot of talking about him when he was younger.  Like the fact that he was is obsessed with dinosaurs, that he was a little too verbal (the time he asked the checker if she had a 'gina or a penis was not a proud moment) and he was a very active little guy.

He did love dinosaurs, ran raptor laps around the kitchen, pretended to devour his brother who always had to be some poor mammal he caught, had to be a dinosaur on more than one Halloween, always wrote about dinosaurs, and read all kinds of books about dinosaurs.  We really thought he would grow up and be a paleontologist.  When he left for college he left a dinosaur skeleton model on my pillow just to make me cry (and it worked).
The Dinosaur birthday cake for his 7th birthday.
So, this all leads us to the time he got kicked out of Sunday School class.  At the time, our church did children's Sunday School during the church service.  The kids were all downstairs learning and the adults were all upstairs in the sanctuary.  One Sunday morning, Zach's teacher drug him upstairs, he was crying as she called me to the back of the church in the middle of the service, and loudly informed me that Zachary was no longer welcome in her Sunday School Class, he could just stay with me from then on (of course, by then all ears were on her, no one knows what the sermon was about that day).  I asked her what he had done.
"He called me ridiculous." she replied indignantly.
"Zachary David, we do not call names, tell your teacher you are sorry." I scolded.
"No." he flatly refused.
"Zachary, you apologize right now." I was getting so embarrassed, as the pastor told everyone to "sing louder!"
"No, what she said was ridiculous. She said there were no dinosaurs and God just put their bones in the ground.  I told her that was the most ridiculous thing I have every heard."
"See," his teacher puffed, "He did it again."
"Did you tell him there were no dinosaurs and God just put their bones in the ground?" I asked in amazement.
"Yes." She stated flatly, "That is the truth, and there is no proof otherwise."
"Well, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and you are not allowed to be my son's Sunday School teacher.  Zach, go sit with your dad in church."

I can only be so polite.

The Halloween he was a pterodactyl, I don't know why he HAD to wear the Aladdin t-shirt with it though.
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