Thursday, August 24, 2017

Layered Panna Cotta

We have a new puppy.  I would like to say my husband has a new puppy, but I'm the one who lets the dogs out of the kennel in the mornings and feeds them and the way to a puppy's heart is through his stomach. He loves far it is a one way relationship.
He is a beautiful dog and he was the runt so he should have been smaller. But, he has gained about 10 pounds a month since we got him, Dave weighed him last night and he sits at 57 pounds and almost 6 months old. The vet says he will be over 100 lbs. when he is grown. I am so thrilled.

He is all puppy, he tramples the little dogs, butts his way into any petting session with the other dogs, doesn't let me brush Lily, and has to have a part of me in his hand, my arm, my pants...
I've lost two pairs of pants from him grabbing, pulling, and tearing.

He better grow out of this fast.
Lily on the left, the wild one on the right.

He likes to help me. Right now I am starting to clean things up from the flower beds before winter. I cut some old lily stalks out of the bed, pile them neatly so I can put them into a garbage bag, and he comes up from behind, jumps in the pile, throws it around, and pulls it all over the yard and chews on it.
He has "harvested" a couple of my spaghetti squash, and a few zucchini, as well as all the nasturtiums trailing from all the pots he could reach. At least we will have snow soon and the yard won't be an issue.

So in the meantime, I'm treating myself, often, because I have to put up with that puppy.

I made this treat because I took an ice cream cake to the office for a co-worker's birthday and I didn't want to sit there while everyone else ate.  I shared it with a co-worker who is allergic to dairy. We both enjoyed our little snack and I have 3 more to enjoy the next time the dog takes a running start and jumps off the deck....onto my back.

Keto Mocha Latte Panna Cotta
The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, Maria Emmerich

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August 24, 2017   Sunrise 6:07 am  Sunset 9:36 pm  Temp. H 69/ L 49˚F
Dave photobombing.

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