Monday, July 8, 2019

The Passing of June

My dad, my son and my grandson.

I don't know where June went, it was May a couple of days ago and now it is July.  I hate it when time passes so quickly, you almost feel like you missed it.

I will say, I was pretty busy in June. 

My mom and dad arrived to spend the summer with us.

I went to California to visit the Baby Boy and his Chick. We went to a baseball game and on a whale watching tour.

I worked in Texas and got to have dinner with my niece, Kaitlin. (We were so busy talking I forgot to take a picture!)

I had a long weekend with Gman and his people in Seattle on my way home from work.
We went on a bubble "run"

Gman just needed a quick rinse and his bath was done!

My sister in law and two of her daughters, with their children, came to Fairbanks to go camping.
The Blond Boy and The Cali DIL came up for a wedding and we got to visit.

I had surgery on my foot.

Then it was July and Gman and his people came for a week...
Riding 4-wheelers with Grandpa...Gman is waiting for his helmet.

Great Grandpa, Gman, Great Grandma

Fruit bar on a hot Fairbanks Day

Airplane rides are so much fun!
...and now I am back to work.

Whew, and I've only been camping 2 1/2 times (the 1/2 because I had to leave early on the camping trip with my sister in law).

So I was very busy, gone part of the time and off my foot for a while so I haven't spent much time in the kitchen. 

I get the stitches out of my foot tomorrow so I hope I will be able to walk on it and then I'll get back to the stove!  I have several recipes I want to try.

I hope your June was fun, busy and full of family too.  I hope July doesn't pass quite so fast.

July 8, 2019  Sunrise  3:29 am  Sunset 12:22 am  Temp. H 80/ L 61°F

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