Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Meet Mooree

Dave got a new dog about a year ago.  I am still not a fan. He is a big dog and full of energy.  A couple weeks ago I was cleaning up a mess on the floor and Tek came over to play.  I pushed him away and he came barreling back, thinking I was playing with him (because that is all he thinks about), I pushed him away again and he came back and bit me, right on my fake boob (or reconstructed breast as Dave puts it.  He doesn't like me calling it a fake boob but even the plastic surgeon who made it called it fake, so there).  Anyway, I got a little freaked out about it and decided Tek needed a playmate besides me.  So I decided we needed a puppy and I started watching the animal shelter.

Dave and I made an early trip this spring but the dog was 9 years old and not a good match for the energy of Tek, so I kept watching.  Then the animal shelter posted they had 6 puppies available for adoption that day.  I texted Dave...

So the four top texts were sent to him over about 15 minutes, and he didn't respond until the last text, then he called me.  He did meet me at the animal shelter to look at puppies and we picked one.

The last two texts are about Zach, the curly haired boy in the Seattle area and he got a teaching job.  We are very proud of him and so happy for this next adventure he is starting.

So I'd like to introduce you to Mooree.  His name means black duck and when we took him to our vet for a well puppy check our vet called him Tek support!  His mom was an Australian Shepard mix and the dad is unknown but must have had a lot of black lab in him.  Mooree is a sweet pup and loves to play with Tek.  They are very happy together.

So we are back to house training, plant rescueing, and leash training.  It is a good thing puppies are so cute.

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