Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Coconut-Almond Chocolate Bars

Every year I try to grow Anaheim chilies so I can make Chiles Rellenos for Dave, one of his favorite dishes.  In the past, Tucker would always eat them so I quit even trying.  Well, now with Tucker gone, I figured I could try again.  I plant them in planters so they get warmer and have enough time to grow in Fairbanks.  This morning, while I was watering, Mooree ate the plant.  He ate the whole thing except this little piece I pulled from his mouth.  Damn puppies.
I don't think this will be very filling.
So I made a treat for myself, Dave is just out of luck.  He doesn't like sweets so I'll share some with the neighbor and eat all the rest myself.  I guess, if I was a really nice wife, I would go to the store and buy chilies to make rellenos...don't hold your breath for it though.
Coconut Almond Chocolate Bars
You can find the recipe in this cookbook:

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July 31, 2018   Sunrise 4:47 am  Sunset 11:03 pm  Temp. H 84/ L 59°F

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