Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Zoom lunch

I had lunch with a friend the other day.  I think she read my blog and was feeling sorry for me, so she scheduled a lunch meeting.  She sat in her house in Colorado and I sat in mine in Alaska and we ate our lunch and visited.  And I realized that I really need a haircut!

She caught me up on their house projects, the girls and the pups.  I whined  told her about not leaving the house for 5 weeks, work and caught her up with all my kids.  It was such a nice break and made me really miss when they were our backyard neighbors and the summer evenings on our deck when we would share a bottle of wine and laugh into the night.

It's the little things like this lunch date and Facetime with Gman, Donna and my parents that are keeping us going.  That and jail breaks the fact that I snuck out of the house last week and went on an adventure to JoAnn's.

Dave was busy in a zoom meeting for work and I had to go to the parking lot of my work to get on the wifi and download some forms from our server.  I also needed some supplies for mask making I was doing for the kids.  The California kids need masks to go out of the house or face fines, and the Seattle kids needed a couple extra each so I planned on making masks over the weekend. 

I told Dave I was going to head over to the parking lot to download the forms I needed and he logged on to his zoom meeting. 
I grabbed my laptop, my mask and I was out the door.  I went to work and got what I needed without leaving the car and then I drove over to Joann's.  I donned my mask and headed into the store for a few things.  I was home in about 45 minutes total and Dave asked what took me so long.  I explained about the mask making items and how I wore my mask and I went straight to the sink to wash my hands. 

I'm grounded now. 

April 21, 2020  Sunrise 5:51am  Sunset 5:49pm  Temp. H 40/ L 34°F

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