Monday, January 20, 2014

A Little Break from the Cold....

I'm not home today, or this week.  We are in Costa Rica on a tour.  I'm very excited, my husband has even called me unbearable.  He laid down the law in November and said I wasn't allowed to talk about the trip again until Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and my Birthday had passed.  I think I was perseverating just a little.

It is not really my fault, I've been planning this trip for YEARS...really.  When the Bboy was in high school, he went  with a high school group.  I was going to go along, but while I was at a conference for work the summer before, someone (I won't mention any names, curly haired boy) wrecked my van and I had to replace it.  I couldn't afford the new vehicle and the trip, so I didn't go (I'm sure much to the Bboy's relief).

So, then I planned on going 3 years ago...three years ago.  But something (Dave) got in the way.  Then two years ago, but Dave had just changed jobs and he didn't have enough vacation time to go to Costa Rica and moose camp, moose camp won.  So this year I told him I was going, with or without him.  It would be fun if he went, but I would have fun without him, he went.

So. we are in Costa Rica.  I'm enjoying the sun, the animals (except the spiders) and the beaches.  I'll share pictures when we get back.

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January 20, 2014   Daylight 5 hrs. 39 min. 44 sec.   Temp:  I don't know about Fairbanks, it's warm in Costa Rica!

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