Tuesday, March 24, 2015


So, I'm home for a couple of days.  Just long enough to have Dave do my laundry, catch up in my office and head off again.  I do get a whole week home next week though.  I'm looking forward to cooking, having Dave do my laundry again, and sleeping in my own bed.

I'll also be able to have Easter at home before I leave for three solid weeks.  So, I'll visit with you next week when I get home again.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lessons from the Road 2015 #1 Wear your glasses

So, it is my busy travel season and I am on the road from now until the end of April.  This trip started a little rocky, rain in Fairbanks in February.  The runways were closed until they could break and scrape off the ice .  My first flight was 3 hours delayed, which means I missed all my connections.  I was re-routed and had to overnight in LA.

This was really no problem.  After last year, I have learned to carry my makeup and hairbrush in my purse, and have a change of clothes in my carry-on.  No worries.  I got to the hotel, had a nice sleep and was up early to shower, change and get back to the airport 11 hours later.  I grabbed the hotel's complimentary shampoo and cream rinse and shower gel.  I washed my hair and then added the conditioner..but it felt really funny and wouldn't rinse out of my hair.  I got out of the shower and grabbed my reading glasses, I had just put a whole (little) bottle of body lotion on my hair, thinking it was conditioner.  I re-washed, used the correct conditioner and got out of the shower.

So that wasn't a big problem, but it did teach me that with my older eyes, I need to use my glasses for those tiny bottles of hotel toiletries.

I am headed home.  I'm home for a day and then headed to Colorado and Wyoming.  I'll get to stop and have dinner with my friend Suzanne (see her blog here) on my way through.  So, when I get really tired and whiny about all my travel in the next couple of months, I have to remember the little extras I get because of it.

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