Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It was a beautiful, sunny day.  Our family was together, four of the seven dogs tagged along.  It was one of the hardest days of our lives.

Lobo, our 14 year old golden, has been diagnosed with lymphoma.  He is in the final stages of his life.  We took him to our family camping spot for one last swim and fishing trip.  He loves going.  We packed up the horseshoes, hot dogs, and four of the furry guys for the day.
Taking a rest.

Lobo knew where we were the second we turned down the dirt road, about 50 miles of town.  The started sniffing the air and getting excited.  The weather cooperated; it was warm, with a slight breeze to keep the bugs down.  The dogs the fetched sticks we threw into the river, and chased after rocks.  Everyone played games of horseshoes while the old guy took a nap.  Dave tried to fish and took a couple of walks.  It was a good way to spend the day.
Lobo's favorite activity, swimming to get a stick.

Bo came to us by way of Golden Retriever Rescue.  He had been a companion dog for an elderly man in a nursing home.  When his previous owner no longer needed him, Lobo went up for adoption.  We had just lost our dogs in our house fire and GRR called us letting us know about him.  It was love at first sight.
We all took turns spending a little time on the blanket with the old guy.

He was the biggest golden I have ever seen.  Weighing in at about 120 and tall enough that his head was above the table, begging was easy.  He was the gentlest of all the dogs, very obedient, and quiet.  We had to teach him how to play, his companion status didn't give him time for that before, but once he learned, he played with gusto.  He never completely forgot his training though, when ever anyone was sick Lobo was stationed next to their bed, patiently giving comfort until the illness passed.
One happy dog.

Lobo was just as patient with the other dogs.  From the time Riley came into our house, he would climb on top of Lobo to stay warm.  Bo just laid quietly and let Riley cuddle in.  Later, when we would not let Riley on top of Bo, they would snuggle together, Riley tucked into Lobo's stomach or under his chin.
Last winter, the dogs cuddling by the wood stove.

Bo never understood how big he was and Hershey always bullied him.  Lobo would hide behind me for protection when Hershey was in a foul mood and trying to take it out on Bo. Once, Dave started walking up the stairs, saw Bo and Tucker at the top looking down at him, half covered his face with his t-shirt and growled and walked like a monster up the stairs.  Lobo squeaked, peed on the floor and came to hide behind me.   Lobo was not the bravest dog, but he was the most loyal and loving.
Joe, explaining the fine art of fly fishing.

It is impossible to express the deep love a person can have for a pet.  Lobo was well loved, he lived a good life, and he will be terribly missed by human and dog friend alike.  Words can't express the ache we feel when we lose someone we love.  It isn't any different when the loss is for a family member that has 4 legs instead of 2.

August 26, 2014   Sunrise 6:13am Sunset 9:30pm  Temp. H 64/ L 49°F


  1. Oh, my Gosh , my heart aches for you and your family ! We had to have our German Shepherd , Husky mix 13 yr old pup put to sleep several years ago due to nerve damage in her hind legs. She was just dragging the legs behind her. It was a great loss for the family , and we still miss her and talk about her ! Hugs !


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