Monday, July 6, 2015

Surfing lessons

A couple months have gone by since Dave's mom passed on, so I can share this now.

My husband and I were over at his mom's.  It was a particularly difficult day for her and Dave and I were a little wrung out.  He was in the kitchen and I was in the bathroom with his mom helping her get cleaned up, yet again.  It was an indelicate situation and it went from bad to worse...

So after she was finished getting cleaned up, she had new clothes on and was sitting in her chair, I went into the kitchen and informed my husband that when all this was said and done, he was taking me on vacation so I could learn how to surf.
"Yes ma'am." was his whole answer.

I married a smart man.

He even emailed me information about surfing schools in Hawaii.  I think we will probably go next fall, in October or November.  I'm not sure we are stuck on Hawaii so I am looking around.  When it was my turn to spend the night with June, and she was tucked into bed for the night I surfed the web (see what I did there..."surf" the web, clever, huh), and check out places all over the world that has surfing schools.  It was a wonderful way to take a little stress off the day and dream of oceans and warmer weather.

Coconut Mojito on the Rocks

24-48 mint leaves
2 oz. fresh lime juice
8 oz. coconut rum
2 oz. simple syrup
4 oz. cream of coconut
club soda

Fill 4 glasses with ice.

Place mint leaves, lime juice and simple syrup in pitcher.  Muddle with back of spoon until mint is broken down and infused juice and syrup with flavor.  Add coconut rum and cream of coconut.  Mix well.  Add ice and stir until very cold.

Strain the drink into chilled, ice-filled glasses and fill about 4/3 full.  Top with club soda.  Enjoy

The Blond Boy enjoying a coconut mojito over the 4th of July weekend.

The Blond Boy and his friend "Not-Craig" visiting from California.

July 6, 2015   Sunrise 3:24am  Sunset 12:28 am  Temp H 79/ L 54°F

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