Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Season of Eating

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had our 4 month old Grandson come up for the holiday, he brought his parents with him.  It was a great time of eating, laughing, sleeping in (only kidding, the Grandson got us all up early!) and checking out the Curly Haired Boys favorite eating places.

We always have to go to Pagoda, a Chinese place in North Pole, we took the baby for his first Santa visit at the Santa Clause House, and before they left on Friday we went to the Food Factory for cheesesteaks.

We ate way too much on Thanksgiving, and then had pie for breakfast the next morning.



The baby also had his first experience with snow.  I got a snowsuit for the occasion and he was not too sure about it.
Looking a little terrified with the new snowsuit.

Once we got outside, he loved it.

All that fresh air and making snow angels wore them out.  So naps were in order.

Yes, he has found his thumb.

They left Friday afternoon so we went to a movie (to keep me from crying too much) and then started with the Christmas decorations.  I'm almost finished putting up my 27 storage crates full of Christmas decorations.  Dave did an amazing job with the lights on the house and he put up my outside nativity. We are getting in the holiday spirit.

I have also started planning my Christmas cookies.  Dave is having surgery on his shoulder Monday morning, so I have a couple extra days at home to take care of him, drive him to physical therapy, and make sure he is taking his meds.  I'm sure he will mostly be in a drug induced sleep, so I plan on cranking out some Christmas cookies to send to the Blond Boy and DIL in San Diego and the grandbaby (he can share with his parents if he wants).

So, on through the season of eating!  Get your cookies going.

November 27, 2016   Sunrise 10:09 am  Sunset 3:08 pm   Temp. H -3/ L -14

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