Friday, June 29, 2018

Camping in the White Mountains

Our view from the top of the hill.

We went camping in the White Mountains the last two weekends, and we are headed back up there this weekend.  The first weekend it was just Dave and I, and all the dogs.  We got up there, set up camp, ate a late dinner and headed to bed. Dave got up before I did on Saturday, that doesn't happen often, and made coffee.  I had an easy weekend full of naps, 4-wheeler rides, card games, naps, and a little champagne.
Stopping for a beer and a little bottle of champagne. 

You see, the last time we were up there was right after my mastectomy (it hasn't even been a year yet) so this year when we went on our long ride and stopped for a break and to enjoy the view, we raised a glass (bottle) to the pure overwhelming gratefulness we feel for coming out of this ordeal with our health, happiness and love for each other.  The last time I was on that spot I wasn't sure if I had a future to look forward to.  So after some tears and recalling a few moments from last year (Capt. Morgan, Dain?) we got on the wheelers and headed further uphill.  It is with a grateful heart I look to move forward.

We found this geological marker on the top of our little mountain.
I need to look it up.

Dave worked hard.  He built a horseshoe pit at our favorite spot.  The boys all love to play horseshoes and there will be many games, bets, and challenges at this pit.  I helped a little, but I was busy a lot of the time, with, you know, naps.

Bear tracks by the beaver pond.

Last weekend our niece and nephew came up and camped at the spot with us.  Again - naps, horseshoes, games, and spending time with people we love.

So, here are some pictures from our weekends.  I'm looking forward to more this weekend when Gman and his people come up for a week.  This is beautiful country and I am one lucky girl to live here.
Can you see the little spider?  I'm surprised I could stay close enough
to take a picture of it.

The old guy gets a chair and a jacket.

The three big dogs...yes I said three.  We have a new addition to our family.

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June 29, 2018   Sunrise 3:07 am  Sunset 12:41 am  Temp. H 75/ L 54°F

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  1. Hi Toni,

    Thanks a lot for letting us know more about Alaska. I am very impressed with the geological marker.

    Have a great weekend.



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