Monday, November 16, 2020

Japanese Milk Bread and Getting Ready for the Grandkids

I've been practicing all kinds of bread for when Gman, EZ and their people come for the week of Thanksgiving.  This one is a keeper.  The DIL loves Hawaiian sweet rolls and I get them every year for Thanksgiving for her.  Well, this bread tastes just like that bread, according to Dave.  Cooking some milk and flour before adding to the dough gives sit a different texture, and it is delicious!  

EZ loves bread and I'm looking forward to his reaction to this.  I'll also make a loaf and make  about 12 slices and use it for french toast.  Gman is going to love it!

Cook flour and milk to make this sticky paste and then let it cool before making the bread.

Shape your loaf then cut it into portions.  I cut these in 8 for a generous serving.

You can find the recipe here: Japanese Milk Bread via The Flavor Bender

I'll be making this a couple times while the kids are here.

November 16, 2020  Sunrise 9:32 am  Sunset 3:38 pm  Temp H -2/ L -9°F

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