Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Wood Stove

 We use our wood stove every day in the winter.  If the summer is too cool, we'll have a fire in the evenings.  When I get up in the morning, I build a fire, Dave keeps it going by stopping by at lunch and refilling the stove, then when we get home we add more wood and get the embers going again.  We load the stove one more time before we go to bed and usually it goes out sometime during the night.  So the process starts all over in the morning.  This is really unfair, I'll have you know, because I get up first, the house is cold and I build the fire.  By the time Dave is up, the house is glowing warmly.  I will say, he carries the wood in every day, not a fun job, so I'll stop whining.
Well, this stove was in the house when we moved in, we used it for 10 years and then it was time to replace it.  We purchased one of those energy efficient models that got us a tax break, is better for the air, and keeps us toasty on less wood.  It was a job to change out the stove.
 We unhooked the stovepipe and took the top soapstone tiles off, then moved the old stove.  It took 3 men to move it and even then there were a lot of groans and complaints.
 We cleaned up the area and got everything ready for the new stove.

 We moved the new stove into it's place, again, 3 men, lots of groaning and complaining.  It is cast iron and extremely heavy.

 So the new stove is in, it is nice and warm, just in time for the colder month coming and a table next to it makes a nice place to raise bread!

November 9, 2011     Daylight 7 hrs., 0 min., 9 sec.        Current temp. 10º F.

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