Friday, November 4, 2011

Roasted Tomatoes

We had a pretty cool (as in cold, not as in awesome) summer in Fairbanks.  I have a greenhouse for tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, but we didn't get that many red ones this year.  We did, however, get a boxful of green tomatoes.  I put them in a xerox box with a couple of bananas and forgot about them in the extra room.  A month later my husband remembered them.  Most were ripe and ready to go, a few a little too ripe and we got rid of those.  Two people cannot eat a box of tomatoes in any reasonable way or time frame.  Dave did make wonderful salsa, we ate tomatoes on toast, tomatoes on our sandwiches, tomatoes at dinner and then I roasted the rest.  I freeze them and then use them for tomato soup, tomato sauce and chopped and tossed into pasta or any other dish that calls for diced tomatoes.
I usually just quarter or eighth them an cut off any bad spots, lay them out on a sheet pan with some cloves of garlic and add a little olive oil and toss.
Then I roast them in 400 degree F oven for about 35-45 minutes.  Let cool a little, peel the garlic and toss in freezer containers.  They are wonderful right out of the oven on french bread or toast. And they freeze beautifully.

Hope springs eternal, and I'm dreaming of next year when we will have a warmer summer and more fresh red tomatoes to look forward to.

November 4, 2011   Daylight 7hrs., 33min., 37 sec.   current temp. 20 above F!

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  1. Love roasted tomatoes! Agreed, perfect on French bread, right out of the oven.


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