Tuesday, April 10, 2012

S'Mores, s'more ways

To say my husband is obsessed with fire is an understatement.  We have a fire in the wood stove all winter and he builds a fire in the outdoor fire pit all year.  In the spring, through the summer and into the fall he usually invites the boys from across the street and/or the backdoor neighbor's twins.  He is so happy when it is warm enough to invite the neighbor kids over for s'mores ( I think is helps make up for the kid empty house we live in now).  So, starting around March, we always have makings for s'mores.  We have several favorites and have tried a few misses.
S'More supplies ready for the choosing.

We have tried several options for the chocolate.  I LOVE Nutella s'mores.  We also like using peppermint patties for the chocolate and thin mint Girl Scout Cookies for the chocolate and the graham crackers.  In a pinch we have used marshmallow cream, but that is not really fun (you can't really roast cream on a stick).  The strawberry marshmallows are fun, so are peeps bunnies and chicks, the bitterness of the burnt sugar on the outside of the peeps adds a nice counter balance to all the sweet in the s'more.  And the giant marshmallows are just too much; too much sweet, too much goo and too much good.  We usually try to stick with graham crackers, but the occasional cookie slips in, thin mints, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies have all made an appearance.  We have also pulled back on side of a banana, stuffed it with chocolate and mini marshmallows, pulled the peel back up and roasted the banana.  Once it is warm you eat it with a spoon...sooo good.
Peeps catch fire easily.  Notice the short sleeves and the pile of snow in the back.  Those are Alaskan boys!

We have already had several s'more making sessions at our house this spring.  The neighbor's boys came over, the twins once with the boys and once with some friends before they went to a movie.  Dave is always happy to oblige with a fire and the pantry is stocked with the makings.  Next time you are close by, stop in for a drink of the week and a s'more!  We'd be happy to see you.
Pink Peep, Samoa cookie and potato chip s'more
Strawberry marshmallow, chocolate and potato chip s'more

like you really need a recipe!

graham crackers, cookies, bananas, sturdy potato chips (don't knock it until you try it)
chocolate bars, peppermint patties, nutella, mini chocolate chips,
marshmallows, peeps

Roast marshmallows, warm two graham crackers and some chocolate on the edge of the fire (or the lid of the fire pit), when marshmallow is toasty warm and soft (or flaming, your choice) squish between the chocolate and graham crackers.  Enjoy.

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  1. LOVE this, as these are my handsome little guys! Thanks for including them!!! They love you guys as well!!

  2. We really appreciate you sharing them with us and they are such good boys. Not loving our empty nest!


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