Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So Long to a Good Friend

Linda and Carlton at our house on Christmas Eve

Sometimes your heart is so full it spills out of your eyes.

We had our girls' monthly dinner on Monday night.  The five of us met at LaVelle's, laughed, de-stressed from our work, laughed, caught up on what everyone did for the holidays, laughed and said good-bye to our dear friend, Linda.

I met Linda 20 years ago when I moved to a new school.  Her classroom was across the hall from mine, and not knowing anyone, I encamped myself into her room at lunch (we had the same lunchtime) and we became friends.

We began quilting together, every Thursday evening at her house.  A small group of us or just the two of us, working on quilts, memories, gifts and getting through the ups and downs of life.  We have been friends and support through her boyfriend (now husband) being in Haiti for months for his job, my divorce, her marriage, my second marriage, the loss of dear dogs, parent's illnesses, our own illnesses, children growing

In Fairbanks our families are often those people we choose.  Extended families are the exception, children leave to go to college, discover the real world and never come back.  Parents retire and choose a climate that is a little easier to deal with, not so much cold, not so much dark, and sidewalks not always covered with snow so you can walk outside and not worry about breaking a hip.  Saying goodbye to long time friends is difficult, especially when you think of them as family and visiting is a lot more difficult than driving a few hours or a quick flight.  Fairbanks is so remote.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm so happy and excited that Linda gets to move.  She will be closer to her family, her husband has an exciting new job, they are moving to a milder climate, I can go visit her and discover a new place.  But it is the selfish part of me that is especially sad.  I won't see her every month at our girl's dinners, I won't be able to cry on her shoulder when ever I want to, we won't be able to share a good bottle of wine at a moment's notice...see it really is all about me.

So, I want to thank her for the wonderful memories (remember the bug we thought was going to kill us because he had such a long stinger?  We used a whole can of raid and a can of hairspray on him.  Turns out it was his male member that was so long and that kind of bug is harmless), the support, advice and friendship.  And here is to a wonderful adventure in your new home, new memories, Skype at girls' dinner, and a new place for me to visit ( yes, it really is all about me).

Sometimes your heart is so full it spills out of your eyes.

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