Friday, March 14, 2014

Lessons from the Road

New hair stuff for the carry-on...and mascara

This time of year I do a lot of traveling for work.  This week I am in Wyoming.  Pretty easy connections - Fairbanks-Seattle-Denver-Laramie.  I made it just fine, my luggage did not.

So I am at a job fair with 1) No Materials, 2) No Giant work Signage, 3) jeans, the gray t-shirt, and gray sweater I ALWAYS wear on the airplane 4) No mascara, 5) No phone charger...

I know packing the phone charger in my suitcase was a rookie mistake, it usually always goes in my carry-on, but I was packing in a hurry and the case of gum I give away at the job fair wouldn't fit in my carry-on so as I transferred things, the chargers got transferred too.  I wonder if that is why my suitcase didn't make it.  Can you imagine what that x-ray looks like?  A whole bunch of bricks of gum and some wires all tangled around...hmmmm.

Well, I got here, my luggage did not, I went to Wallmart.  Clean undies, mascara, black jeans, and $77.13 later, I had the essentials to make it through the weekend.  That didn't include the $44.00 I had to pay for an iPhone charger.  But, if that is as bad as it gets, I guess it is a good trip.

So, things I learned...
1) Mascara goes in my purse (I keep my toothbrush there).
2) Cases of gum and my brochures get packed in a cardboard box, not my suitcase.
3) Keep a few brochures in my carry on, just in case.
4) Always keep one pair of clean undies and one clean shirt in my carry on.
5) Chargers always go in my carry on.
6) A good attitude is necessary, short that, wine will work.

Do you have any good tips for traveling?

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  1. You should have called me...I am only 1-1/2 hours away from Laramie and could have delivered undies to you. :)

    1. Next year I'll drive from Denver and stop by to see you.


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