Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bacon Burgers

Now that it is sunny and a little warmer (notice I didn't say warm), we grill almost every night.  My plan is to have easy things Dave can grill so I don't have as many dishes to do after dinner and I don't have to do most of the cooking.

We end up eating a lot of burgers, usually on a Friday night because I'm tired by the end of the week.  We have a bit of moose burger left in the freezer so it is easy to pull a package out to thaw and Dave does the rest.

A friend introduced me to something called 50/50.  It is 50% burger and 50% ground bacon.  Yes, you heard me right, ground bacon!  She made meatballs with it at Christmas, and I knew this would be a welcomed addition to our weekly burger night.  I didn't go with 50/50, I just couldn't face all that fat (well, I could, but my pants can't) so I went 75/25.  I ground some bacon, added it to the ground moose, threw in some Montreal Steak seasoning and Dave made the patties.  Now, we won't do this every week, but we will do it often!

Ground Bacon!  My Kitchen Aide grinder makes this so easy.

Bacon Burgers

3 lbs. burger
1 lb. bacon, ground
4 Tbsp. Montreal Steak Seasoning

Mix burger, ground bacon and seasoning together, lightly.  Shape into patties.  Grill!
Extra patties go in the freezer between wax paper for the next time.  Thaw before using.

May 7, 2014   Daylight 17 hrs. 46 min. 18 sec.  Temp. H 52/ L 34°F

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