Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bacon Wrapped-Cheese Stuffed Hot Dogs

In the quest to find things for my husband to grill, and for things he will really enjoy, and to get distracted that he is doing all the cooking, I found this on Pinterest.  (By the way, Dave said I often write in run-on sentences and that sometimes one paragraph will be one really long sentence, with way too many comma's, when it really should be several sentences.  I don't know what he is talking about!)


Do I really need to say anything else?

I worked hard on Saturday.  I sanitized the dishwasher, worked in the yard, got a pedi, took a nap, made coffee, set up a table for my mosaic (I told Dave I would finish it two years ago so I think I should get it started).  And caught up on The Black List.  I deserved a treat.  So for dinner - Dave grilled.

I saw these on Pinterest.  How did we ever get along without Pinterest?  My friend Heather showed me a couple years ago and now I am slightly obsessed.  I used to read in the morning with my coffee, now I scroll through Pinterest at all the perfectly designed homes, fantastic weddings, picture perfect meals...I can never live up to all that.  But my boards are awesome!

So I found these hot dogs on Pinterest and decided we needed to try them ourselves.  I made with cheese for Dave and me, and without cheese for the dairy-free kids.  We also had some cheese and bacon wrapped corn on the cob to get a veggie in there! (My poor dairy free kids don't know what they are missing!)  This was a perfect meal after such a hard day of work!

I cut my cheese sticks in half, next time I won't do that.  

Grill over low heat and turn often.

Bacon Wrapped - Cheese Stuffed Hot Dogs

8 hot dogs
8 sticks of cheese, cheddar, mozzerella, pepper jack...
8-16 pieces of bacon
8 hot dog buns

Heat grill.

Make a slit down the center of each hot dog leaving the end uncut.

Stuff hotdog with cheese stick.  Wrap completely with bacon, overlapping the bacon and securing with toothpicks. (I pre-cooked the bacon for 3 minutes in the microwave before I used it for wrapping.)

Grill hotdogs over low heat until bacon is completely cooked and cheese is melty.  Serve on buns.

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May 14, 2014   Daylight 18 hrs. 35 min. 25 sec.   Temp. H 61/ L 39 °F

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