Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ham and Cheese Pastries

I'm home from Montana, OIT saved my computer and retrieved my presentation.  I have learned my lesson and have backed up everything (and emailed everyone a copy of my presentation...just in case).  I traveled from Helena to Bozeman, to Missoula, to Great Falls and met with prospective teachers at the different colleges and universities.  I felt it was very successful, everyone was friendly and receptive, and we have started plans for visits next year.

(On a side note it was about 85-90 degrees in Montana.  One day I texted my husband the temperature and he texted back "It's snowing at our house."  I keep telling the chick, you just have to embrace the snow, it's coming no matter what.)

My mom lives in Helena and she would travel with me to each of the different locations.  We would visit, carry on, and she would provide directions.  On our way to Bozeman, we stopped at Wheat.  They have a large bakery and we got a little snack.  We had these delicious ham and cheese pastries.  At first we talked about sharing one, boy am I glad we didn't!  They were huge, but we both finished one off.  They were so good we stopped back by on the way home.  Hey, I worked hard and needed a snack to get my strength back.

I was still craving them when I got home so I decided I would make them for dinner.  I used puff pastry, ham and cheddar cheese.  But, you could use any type of filling you wanted. They are so easy to make and hot from the oven, perfect with a cup of soup for Monday night football on a cold Fairbanks evening. (Did I tell you we already have snow?)

I leave for Michigan next week.  any suggestions of where I should stop for a snack?

Ham and Cheese Pastries
1 box puff pastry, I used Pepperidge Farms; it has two sheets in a box
sliced ham lunchmeat, or chopped leftover ham
cheddar, colby jack, or swiss cheese

Preheat oven to 400°F.  Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.
Open one sheet of puff pastry, using a rolling pin, roll it a little thinner and remove the fold marks.  Cut into four pieces.

Top each piece with a smear of mustard, cheese and ham.  Fold into a triangle and seal edges well.
If you don't seal edges well the cheese leaks out, and while it is a delicious cheese brittle, the pastry is a little empty!
Repeat with second sheet of puff pastry.  You will have a total of 8 triangle pastries.  Place on parchment covered cookie sheets and bake 20-25 minutes until golden browned.  Remove from oven and let cool before serving, the center remains hot.

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September 30, 2014    Sunrise 7:58 am  Sunset 7:52 pm  Temp. H 40/ L 29°F

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