Friday, May 18, 2018

Tough Week

It was a tough week.  On Monday I was working on paying for one event that we had just finished and ordering for the next event. I sent the event orders to the wrong hotels.  The person in Texas I was working with had to call and ask for the correct one.  Which means the person in Anchorage got the wrong one and either didn't look at it or was waiting for me to figure it out.

On Tuesday I wore my sweater inside out.  I don't know how long, I take my sweater off and put it on about 74 times during the day.  But when I got home that evening, my husband pointed it out to me.  Did I have it on inside out when I was talking to the president of the university?

On Wednesday I grabbed an empty container to put some chicken wings in it for my lunch (the wings were in the garage refrigerator) and when I got to the garage I grabbed a flavored water, it was the last one, so I broke down the box and went to throw it away, but there wasn't a bag in the garbage can because it was garbage day, so I put a new bag in the can, jumped in my car and left.
This is what I opened for my lunch.

So, I started drinking early this week, on Thursday.  We had one lime in the fridge, it was supposed to be for the lime, cilantro chicken I had planned, I guess we are eating something else tonight.
Don't judge.

I really need to go camping.

Low Carb Margarita
1.5 oz. tequila
6 oz. orange sparkling water, like LaCroix
juice of 1 lime
3-10 drops orange stevia, to taste
salt, optional for glass

Mix tequila, lime juice and a few drops of stevia, mix.  Add sparkling water and gently mix.  Taste, adjust sweetener to taste.  Pour into salt rimmed glass, if desired and add ice.  Enjoy.

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May 18, 2018   Sunrise 4:16am  Sunset 11:20 pm   Temp. H 63/ L 47°F


  1. Christine NeslerMay 21, 2018 at 10:42 AM

    Hi Toni,

    I am so sorry for your story. I hope you find some time and go camping.


  2. Thanks Christine, we did get to go on an over-night Saturday. Life is so much better after some time by the river.


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