Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Chocolate Fudge and Bragging on my Husband

I have to brag just a little, I have the best husband ever!

Not only did he drive me to the airport at 4:00 am and help with with the dangerous moose encounter when I left for my last work trip, he picked me up at 11:00 pm when I got home.  I always took it for granted that he would do this but once a co-worker asked if Dave always picked me up and dropped me off because his wife needed to be at the airport at 4:00 am and he told her to take a cab.  So, while I was always grateful that he does this, I am more so after that.

So early morning drop-offs and late night pick-ups and when I got home the house was clean, the dogs were bathed, he poured me a glass of champagne and when the dogs settled down and we could go to bed, the sheets were washed and smelled like bleach...I LOVE the smell of bleach!

What a guy.

So, as a little thank you, I made plain fudge for him, his favorite and one of the very few sweet treats he enjoys.

And, because I am so thoughtful, I decided I needed a reward and made myself a treat too.  I made some keto fudge.  This fudge is from All Day I Dream About Food and so good, and easy! The only difference is that I added pecans, because I can. I whipped up a batch in the morning as I drank my coffee and popped it into the fridge to firm up while I was at work.  It is the perfect treat for after dinner and a great addition to a candy/cookie tray.  I'll be making this often.

Find this recipe at: All Day I Dream About Food, Keto Dair-Free Fudge.
Who knew making sweetened condensed milk could be so easy.
A can of coconut milk, some safe sweetener and a little time
is all you need.  Here it is at the beginning...

Here the condensed milk is ready! 
I see magic bars with this in my future!
So good!

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