Thursday, November 7, 2019

Dog Disasters and Rewards for being on Time

I always think I have 10 more minutes than I really have, or I think I can get something done 10 minutes faster than I really can.  The mornings are worst, I always try to sneak one more job in before I have to leave the house and then I am always running late.  Dave likes to call it "Toni Time."

Well, I had a foot dr. appointment at 8:30 so I could go on my way to work and, of course, I thought I could sneak one more thing in before I left.  I was doing o.k. on time when I went to kennel the big dogs and they wouldn't go into the kennel.

They usually are really good about that because I always give them a little treat once the kennel door is latched.  But today, they would not go in.  I walked over to the kennel, opened the door wide and was about to yell at them for not getting in when I saw the pile of dog vomit on the carpet.  I'm sure I cussed a little, grabbed the carpet and tossed it to the side, sprayed and wiped down the concrete floor and threw a clean piece of rug in the kennel, and the dogs ran in.  I gave them their treat and turned to the soiled rug to throw it away.  The pile of puke was a garden glove Mooree must have eaten and then threw up.  A. Garden. Glove.

I just can't.
Here is Mooree with a little fabric pumpkin he keeps trying
to eat.  I'm sure I'll be cleaning this out of the kennel
any day now.

I don't even know where he got it from.

Well, I am making a deal with myself about leaving the house on time in the mornings.  If I can NOT add one more thing to my list and leave the house so I don't have to hurry to work, I am going to reward myself with a treat that evening.  I am all about the treats. At first I thought I'd have a treat on Friday, but who am I kidding, I'm not going to wait until Friday and to start with I probably won't make it a whole week without running late.

So, in order to convince myself that the treat is worth all that effort, I made this delicious treat to encourage myself.  I made it in the evening so I wouldn't be trying to finish it before I left the house in the morning.

I love turtle candies so when I saw this sugar free recipe I knew I had to try it.  They are the perfect combination of chewy caramel and dark chocolate with the crunch of the pecans.  Dave, who doesn't have a sweet tooth but he does love caramel, said they were good.  Coming from him, that is high praise for some candy.

You can find the recipe at All Day I Dream About Food

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