Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Hello friends!  I've been on a little vacation for the last couple of weeks.  We what we called the "West Coast Tour" for a little sun in the middle of our record breaking cold winter.  We started in Arizona with my dad and mom.  We spent two days with them.  My brother and his wife come over and we had a great visit.  We also met some friends from Fairbanks for lunch (they live in Arizona for most of the winter now).

Then we drove to San Diego to see the blond kids.  We had a fun day watching the blond boy play soccer and win their championship, then we went to the beach for a great hike and long walk along the water. I love the ocean there so much, and the ocean smells right.  The next day we went to the Safari Park and fed the giraffe and rhino.  Another great day in the sun.

Then we drove up to the San Francisco area to spend some time with the baby boy and his wife.  One day we sat outside by the pool, played cards and visited.  We laughed and had such a good time.  For dinner we went to a Korean Barbecue place and ate all the easy keto dinner.
After that, we flew to see the babies.  Gman was a bundle of energy as usual and EZ was so snuggly.  We had to take Gman to preschool so we could get some baby snuggles.  Otherwise he kept saying "Grandma, can you play with me?"  And who can say no to that?
Dave and EZ are making friends at the coffee house
we went to while Gman was at preschool

Swimming on Sunday.

And then a nap.

EZ is starting to smile
It was a whirlwind, and there were other friends and family we wanted to see but just didn't get to.  They will have to wait for the next trip.  We flew home so we could rest and go back to work!  The dogs were very happy to see us and they are just a little clingy right now!
So, we are back home and back into our regular routine.  Work is crazy busy as this is our event season and my travel season starts in a couple of weeks.

One very nice thing we noticed is that while we are having our coffee in the morning the sun is coming up and we are not driving to work or home in the evening in the dark anymore.  It was still -30 but at least with sun in the morning I feel like spring is really around the corner.

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February 26, 2020  Sunrise 8:11am  Sunset 5:57 pm  Temp. H -1/L -27°F

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