Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Meat Chips and the Dogfight

I'm home again, quarantining for two weeks and settling back into my routine.  I "go to work" at 8:00 every morning and use my "union break" to weed something for 10 minutes outside.  Then at lunch I walk the dogs so we all get some exercise.

It is a new fiscal year for work and I've been busy talking to our contractors about getting their contracts submitted.  I was talking to one of my contractors and the dogs were being real assholes.  I had to excuse myself to go yell at them and then they got into an all out dog fight! I've never seen them do that before.  I put one of the dogs in the garage kennel and finished my phone conference (nothing screams professional like a dog fight while you are on speaker phone).  The other dog sat at the garage door and whined and cried until I let the other dog back in the house.  They are just like siblings, they fight but then cry when one of them is in time out!  Next phone meeting I'm putting them both in the kennel and then I won't have to worry about it.

When Dave gets home from work we usually have a break, visit about our day and have a little snack before we get on with evening chores and dinner.  My new favorite snack is meat chips (that's what Gman calls them).  They are pepperoni slices that are cooked in the microwave and they become a crispy little bite.  They cook out a lot of fat so make sure you have a couple layers of paper towel under them.  They are great alone or with some dip.  They are also a nice treat after your co-workers get into a loud argument while you are on the phone.

Meat Chips
pepperoni slices

Place pepperoni slices on a double layer of paper towels, cover with a sheet of paper towel.  Place in microwave for 1 minute (microwave times may vary).  Let cool completely.  Serve with dip, cheese slices or alone.

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