Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lessons from the Road #4 I'm getting tired, and grumpy, and forgetful...

Hello friends.
I am still on the road, and will be for another week and a half.  I'm getting a little tired, grumpy and homesick.  I miss my husband, my dogs, the kids, my kitchen.  I'm tired of driving on the freeways and ready for a good stiff drink on the back deck, even if it still is too cold.

There is one good thing to me being gone.  The chick turned on the oven a couple weeks ago, and it caught on fire.  It filled the house with smoke and tripped the breaker.  With me gone, Dave has had the opportunity to get it replaced and so I wasn't nagging him about it.  Good thing it was still under warranty!

I did spend a couple hours at Mall of America, and I did get to go to the Twins opener so I guess I can't say travel is all work.  I have realized I have to take a picture of my rental car so I don't forget what it looks like, and write down my parking place in my phone...do you know how big the parking garage is at Mall of America.  I could have done a lot more shopping if I hadn't had to spend so much time wondering around the parking garage.

I'll be back soon, my husband says he misses me but he sure sounds pretty cheerful on the phone, and I know he lets the dogs sleep on the bed with him.  They will all be mad when I get home and they are back in the kennel at night.

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