Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Last Camping Trips

We went on our last camping trip last weekend. We went camping at "our spot" because friends were doing a vow renewal and my husband was officiating. It was brisk, sunny, and beautiful when we pulled in and as the afternoon progressed is got cloudy.  We had a fire, the dogs went to the water, and we just took a breath and relaxed.

Sunday morning I got up and walked the dogs...in the falling snow.  Yes, we have had our first official snow.  The flakes were big, fat, and really wet.  When they hit you they left a wet spot, and when they landed, they melted right away.  I walked the dogs quickly and headed back into the COW to warm up with some coffee.  It warmed up as the day progressed but we decided to winterize the COW and put her away for the winter.

Then I went to Oklahoma for a week for work.  Got home and the days were sunny, the weather was crisp, and we were invited to camp and have a bonfire at a friend's cabin at Harding Lake.  We went and had a fun evening of visiting and catching up.  They had a bonfire (I went to bed) and the next morning we drove back to town and really put the COW away for the winter.  With my work schedule, I won't be home for another weekend until Nov. and by then it really will be too cold.

So we are settling into our winter mode.  And while it is sad the warm summer is over, and winter is always a little too cold and a little too long, I really do enjoy the change of season and the holidays that are headed our way.

Happy fall.

October 11, 2016  Sunrise 8:33 am  Sunset 6:40 pm  Temp H 50/ L 28˚F

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