Monday, December 11, 2017

The Lost Jacket and Cinnamon Cream Cheese Kringle

It has been a difficult couple of months, I keep saying that and I need to get over myself, but I am also trying to justify why I can do so many stupid things.

Fairbanks has been unusually mild this fall and winter.  There was a little bit in the fall when it cooled down and we all thought that was it.  That is the time of year I pull out my winter gear and get it ready for the long, dark winter.  Well, then I went to Pittsburgh for work and came home sick, ran around to Anchorage, home, some more work, and time just slipped by.

It was getting colder in Fairbanks and I started looking for my warmer jacket.  I knew I had it before Pittsburgh because I got it out in October.  I couldn't find it.  I checked at work, I called the Seattle kids to see if I left it there on my way home from Pittsburgh when I stopped for the weekend, I asked my husband, I checked the car and Dave's truck.  Nope, no jacket.  I decided I must have taken it to Pittsburgh and left it at the hotel or in an airport, I was really sick and probably just didn't think about it.

I was wearing a lighter coat and hadn't zipped the down liner in it yet, but I was getting ready to.  The kids came for Thanksgiving and we were busy, and it was pretty warm.  The Seattle DIL worked her butt off helping with Thanksgiving and doing dishes non-stop (I'm not exaggerating, her fingers were getting pruny!) So as a thank you, I took her for a pedicure while the three boys hung out.

As we are leaving the nail salon I always go to, Manetta says, "Hey isn't that your coat?"
I turned and looked at the bench where I had thrown my jacket because the coat rack was full when we got there. "Yep, that's the jacket I wore." I said pointing to my jacket on the bench.

"No, that one, hanging up.  Isn't that yours?" she replied.

"Oh my gosh!  Yes it is!" I screeched.  And I did screech.  Everyone in the place turned and looked.

I took the coat off the hanger, checked the pockets, two pink gloves in the pockets, and the inner pocket had the key to my storage unit for work.  No doubt it was my jacket.  I must have worn it when I went for a pedicure before I left for Pittsburgh and forgot to put it on before I left the salon (remember it was a warm fall).  Thank goodness they left it hanging there for me (I mean the Seattle DIL) to find!


So, she saved the day, yet again, and I don't have to zip the liner in my other jacket or buy a new one!
She is a rock star!

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Kringle
Maria Emmerich Keto Comfort Foods

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