Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Dishes

I have an addiction, and while I try to keep a handle on it, do what I need to do to keep it under control, I do have some pushers that keep me supplied.  My husband is one of them and he has purchased multiple set of vintage china for me.  Well, my niece has now become  a supplier too. She travels a lot for work and on her last trip she was walking through some antique stores and made a find.  I got this text from her:

O.K. the last two texts are from a different
conversation, but something has changed
with my computer, or blogger, and I can't
upload from iPhoto anymore so I couldn't
photoshop it out.  Anyone with
knowledge on how to do that, please let me know.
So I wasn't sure if she was looking for herself, or for me, but either way it was a great deal and a lovely set of vintage dishes.  Well, they came over for the Superbowl and had the dishes with them.  The cost to have them packed for shipping was more than the dishes, but still so worth it!  AND, they were for me!  I love them.  They are my new February dishes and we are using them now.  It makes me smile each night when I set the table that my niece thought of me enough to do this for me, and I'll treasure them always.

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