Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Grandpa's Truck

We were in Montana the last 10 days.  My grandma passed away last October and we had her celebration of life last week in Deer Lodge.  I was pretty sick last winter about that time and I don't think I really processed everything.  Going to her empty house, the simple service at her gravesite, and visiting with family, hearing stories about her, and seeing some very old pictures gave me some closure.  She was something else, that is for sure.
My Grandma and Grandpa McFadden. 
I am named after this grandpa.
One afternoon, my step mom, aunt and I sat and looked through photo albums my grandmother had kept.  We looked at pictures of my family, my cousins, relatives I didn't know and pictures of my dad and uncle.  I realized I had never seen any pictures of my dad when he was little.  I sent this picture to the curly haired boy.  We now know where the curls came from.
My dad about 3 years old.

I also found some old pictures of us growing up.  Old pictures are so fun.

L to R:  Me, my sister, my older brother

My mom
We came across the wedding pictures of my step mom and dad, I hope my dad remembers to send me copies of those (hint, hint...dad if you see this...).

One of the big jobs we had was to move my grandpa's 1950 F-1 Ford truck from the garage into storage.  The truck is mine now and we needed to get it out of grandma's house.  We expected a difficult time, but we rented a car hauler and pulled it back to Helena and into storage.  The goal is to bring it home next summer.  I've got some time to figure out a plan.  We also spent about 6 hours over two days at DMV getting the title changed from my grandpa to me.  All was accomplished and I feel very grateful to my husband, my two brothers that helped, my dad and my uncle.  I can say mission accomplished.
Pushed out of the garage and ready to load.

Ready for the trip to the storage unit.

So, we are home now.  Settled into the new work week and getting back in our regular routine.  Family visits are so fun and I'm looking forward to the next one, next year.

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