Monday, September 26, 2016

On the Road

This picture is about 7 years old.  My grandma was 93 or so here.

This is the time of year I am on the road for about 3 months.  I visit campuses across the United States and talk about teaching in Alaska.  I love it, I love the travel, and it takes me places I might not otherwise get to, and it takes me to family.

I spent last week in Montana.  My mom lives there so I stay with her.  My grandmother lives there too, and this year we had her 100th birthday party while I was there.

It was a happy occasion, living to 100 is amazing.  Think of the changes she has seen in the last 100 years! Cell phones, microwaves, t.v.s, cars; none of those things existed when she was growing up, and some not when she was raising her own children.  I am in awe of the changes she witnessed.

It was a tender and difficult occasion also.  She does not remember any of us.  When you go to say hello she asks, "Who are you?"  When I went up to her I said, "I'm Toni Lynn." (I was named after my grandfather so he was Tony and I was always Toni Lynn).

"My granddaughter's name is Toni Lynn."  she responded.
"Yes, I'm Toni Lynn, your granddaughter."  I said.
She looked at me closely and then said, "Who are you?"

So it was hard to see the strong, independent woman I remember as my grandmother completely changed.

My uncle put it this way.  "She has good genes, and I hope I got them, just not all of them."

Happy birthday, Grandma.

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September 26, 2016  Sunrise 7:48 am  Sunset 7:35 pm  Temp. H 44/ L 30°F

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