Monday, November 6, 2017

Missing Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Bodies are such wonderful things...ish. I have started my reconstruction, and while I didn't think it would be easy, I didn't know it would be this hard. I know everyone has a different experience, and I am kind of a whimp, but this is kicking my butt.  

The initial surgery to put in the tissue expander went just fine. I healed up nicely and after a week in Anchorage we headed home. About 3 days after the end of my antibiotics I could feel a fullness under my arm on the surgery side. It got worse every day and began to burn. If I moved just right it felt like a hot poker jab...lovely. I was scheduled to go to Pittsburg for a week for work and on Sunday morning told my husband I should stay home.  
"You are fine, you can do this." He said, and he is my voice of reason.
So I went.  
On Monday I felt worse and on Tuesday I went to urgent care in Pittsburg.  

Thank you God for Dr. M in urgent care. She was awesome even when I had a full blown, probably should have been hospitalized in the crazy ward, melt down. At one point I told her I needed to call my husband and I was crying so hard I had to say, "I'm fine and I know I'm being unreasonable." 

Well, to make a long story shortish, I was fine, I had an infection, was given some more antibiotics, would be uncomfortable until the connections to my lymph system re-established to remove the excess fluid and I went to see my surgeon on Monday. All was fine and I got my first little fill-up. So currently I have one baby boob and one old lady boob. And now, when I play "Never Have I Ever" I can say I've sent boob picts over the internet (my Anchorage surgeon wanted to see what was going on). My husband isn't so sure what I sent can count for a boob, just yet!

Now, the worst part of this whole story, other than I was so out of control for that poor doctor I can never go back to Pittsburg, is that on Tuesday morning, I was supposed to get to go to the Heinze History Center which holds the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood exhibit.  Mr. Rogers is a hero of mine and I was looking forward to that visit for months!  I didn't get to see his porch swing in person, or the castle and puppets, or any of his sweaters.  I had to cry hard about that too.

I did get a Mr. Rogers coffee cup that changes colors when you put hot liquid in it and it has some iconic Mr. Rogers quotes on it.  I smile every time I pick it up.

Here he is when the cup is empty.

Here he is when the cup is full of something hot.
So, while I didn't get to go to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, I did bring a little memory of that wonderful man home to live with me in my office.  And if I'm really brave, and wear a disguise, someday I might return to Pittsburg and go visit his neighborhood.

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  1. I am glad you are home safe and"sound-ish"~ Would Mr. Rogers call you a wimp? No, he would not. You are not a wimp. Your body has gone through several trauma's in the past year. You had a raging infection and your emotions are all over the place. This is not a contest on pain levels. You do what is best for you, no one else enters into this. This is about you and your body healing. Plan another trip to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood for after you have healed, not in any pain or fighting off an infection. I wish you the best and keep rocking the keyboards.

    1. Thank you. I am working on giving myself a little more grace.


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