Friday, March 30, 2012

Fairbanks' Spring Sunrise

It is official, Spring is here.  I just received my first weekly email from The Plant Kingdom (Find their website here).  I love the Plant Kingdom, all the plants are organically grown and pest control is organic.  There is something calming (and a little surreal) about walking through a greenhouse, after all this cold and snow, and seeing lady bugs walking around on the plants!
So to celebrate the real beginning of Spring in Fairbanks, and because the sky starts getting light  at about 5:30 now (official sunrise is around 7:30), we have the Fairbanks Spring Sunrise for drink of the week.  It is a fruity, tart drink that wakes up your senses (after being about sense-less at the end of winter).

Fairbanks' Spring Sunrise
adapted from Sandra Lee Cocktail Time
Makes 1 drink

2 oz. pink grapefruit juice
1.5 oz citrus flavored vodka
1/4 oz. orange liqueur
splash maraschino cherry juice

In cocktail shaker, combine grapefruit juice, vodka and orange liqueur.  Add ice, cover and shake until well blended and cold.  Strain into glass, pour maraschino cherry juice inside one side, slowly, and let settle to bottom of glass.  Enjoy.

March 30, 2012     Daylight  13 hours,  24 minutes,  51 seconds     Current Temp.  17ºF

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