Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Bells

The blond boy called.  He asked, she said yes and now we have a wedding in July. 
It is a strange feeling watching your children grow into adults.  I remember growing up and pulling away from my own mom and never looking back.  Moving from Kansas to Alaska, I never thought a thing about it.  Now my kids are moving from Alaska to Oregon and California and I'm reminding them "call home, I still worry about you".  As my children grow I appreciate how my mother must have felt when I forgot to call for weeks on end and I now understand the saying "a mother's heart lives outside her body".
So, a wedding in July, in California.  The blond boy is happy, we love her to death also.  We are celebrating the joy of him growing into a man and a toast to the sadness of losing the child he used to be.

Wedding Bells
1001 Cocktails

cracked ice
dash orange biters
2 measures rye whiskey
1 measure triple sec
2 measures Lillet

Put some cracked ice into a mixing glass.  Dash orange bitters over the ice and pour in the whiskey, triple sec and Lillet.  Stir well to mix, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Serves 1

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