Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ice Breaker- Drink of the Week

I'm working really hard to bond with my new sewing machine.  You would think it wouldn't be that hard...a new toy, who wouldn't want to play with that?  But, I am still not over the fact that my old machine died and I have to learn how to use a new piece of equipment.  (The whole sad story is here, and yes, I was drinking then too.)

So, Saturday night I stayed home while Dave and his brother went to the UAF hockey game, poured myself a little drink and worked hard to become one with my new least the drink is good.

Ice Breaker has a secret, the longer you let it sit, the better it gets.  That is because the ice cubes are made from really strong coffee, and as they melt into the chocolate liquor a rich coffee flavor is added to the chocolate.  The ingredients will look familiar, vanilla vodka and Godiva Chocolate liquor, but the addition of the coffee ice-cubes brings in a whole different note.  And when trying to bond with my new machine, I think I needed that little bit of caffeine to keep me going.

Ice Breaker
makes one drink

One cup strong coffee, poured into ice cube tray and frozen

1 oz. vanilla vodka
2 oz. Godiva Chocolate liquor

Mix vodka and chocolate liquor, stirring well.  Add ice cubes, stir. 
Let this sit about 10 minutes before serving, stir and enjoy.

November 7, 2012     Daylight   7 hours, 5 minutes, 49 seconds     Temp. 8°F

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