Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Curly Haired Boy's Wedding

We had a wedding over the weekend.  The whole family flew to Seattle from our respective corners of the states...San Diego, Arizona, Fairbanks, Kansas...and met in Seattle.  The title says the Curly Haired Boy's Wedding but we've been telling him and everyone else it is Manetta's wedding and do what she says.

The wedding was on Saturday.  It was a hot sunny day.  For weddings, it was successful; they both showed up, they both said yes, and we all had a fun party after.
Me with two of my boys, the groom and the Baby boy!

The bride's dad built this, assembled it for the ceremony, and disassembled it to take home.


The DIL and the Chick taking a break from set up.

The blond boy and the DIL ready for a party.

My baby brother and me before the ceremony.  It was hot and I'm already melting!

My very fun niece and her sweetie.

The hippy boy got a haircut!

The hippy boy is so handsome!  He cleans up nicely.
My brother in law, waiting for the ceremony.
Dave and me before the ceremony.

My dad and mom and the blond boy and DIL.

The curly haired boy and his best man.

The bride and groom after the ceremony.

Keeping it lovely.

Playing cards at the reception.

It was so warm the cards stuck on their own.

And that is with air conditioning!

The chick caught the bouquet!

Guess someone will be planning the next wedding!

And then we danced...

And danced the night away.

July 17, 2014   Sunrise 4:00 am  Sunset 11:52  Temp. H 72/ L 51°F

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