Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The New "Camper"

My husband said he wanted a camper.  We had one when we were first married, but with the changes of family, vehicles, and schedules we got rid of it.  Now, 16 years later, he wants a camper.  No problem, I thought, a camper would be nice.  I'd have my own bathroom, a place to get out of the rain when we were out, a bug free place to read, it could fit on his pick-up in the summer and we could store it in the back by the storage shed in the winter.

So, while I was gone this spring, Dave was looking for a camper.  I was in Utah on our anniversary, and Dave posts this to Facebook...
"Happy Anniversary to my amazing wife"

Oh hell no, that is not a camper and that is not MY anniversary present.  There had better be some diamonds for me involved if this is the "camper" he got!  But I was in Utah so what could I do at that point?

When I got home, he took me on a tour of what I fondly called the monstrosity humungous or MH for short.  I do have my own bathroom, and shower.  My husband and I, along with 8 of our closest friends, can sleep comfortably, the dogs have their own bed (o.k.  I really do like that, I hate sleeping with dogs), we have a heater, 2 t.v.s (because nothing says camping like watching a movie), a microwave, coffee pot, and electronic recharging station (o.k. I like that too because I can take my iPad with books).

We took the MH out on it's maiden voyage last weekend.  It was still pretty cold outside so I spent a lot of time inside reading.  We watched the Avengers, my nephew came out and we had dinner together, we took a walk.  It was a really relaxing weekend.  I might grow to like the MH and all it's comforts; just don't call it camping!
Sunday morning, Riley on my lap, the dogs on their bed, coffee and a good book in the MH.

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April 5, 2015  Sunrise 5:04 am Sunset 10:34 pm  Temp. H 64/ L 36°F

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