Thursday, August 30, 2018

Soft Tortillas

It is almost the weekend and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it.  Dave is supposed to go to moose camp with his brother, if the river doesn't rise too much.  Now, I love my husband, but I love him so much more in October than in August.

He is going in only on the weekends this year, but that is o.k. because I have a trip to Arizona for work and then 4 days with the grand baby in Seattle and when I get back he is headed to Colorado to go elk hunting with my brother.  I'll still get a break (and so will he) because, you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder!
Pretty much every Tuesday is taco night in our house.  I usually have taco salad and Dave eats wheat so he uses flour tortillas for his.  I was tired of not having tortillas so I made some grain free tortillas and they were delicious!  The were soft, they didn't break and fall apart like so many keto tortillas do.  I loved them.
Cheese, salsa and sour cream top my tacos.
I do have a tortilla press and that makes this process easy, but you can roll them out with a rolling pin.  You do want them very thin.  I'm going to make another batch and fry them for tortilla chips.  I'll let you know how that goes.
These tacos were easy.  I used this left over beef I had stashed in the freezer, threw together the tortillas and we were ready to go.  Even Dave liked these tortillas.
I'm so glad I get to live with this goofy guy.
I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I am looking forward to a quiet one!

I found this recipe on Gnom-Gnom.  I'm loving all her keto recipes.  You can find this easy tortilla recipe here.

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