Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Grandma's Naughty Dinosaurs

I have some naughty dinosaurs.  Every time Gman visits, those dinos get into so much trouble!  They get into things, they make messes, they wreak havoc all over the house.  This summer was no different.
Gman is potty training so the dinos were very interested in that process, as shown with the first two mornings Gman woke up.

Grandma thought it would be funny to eat one of the dino droppings, they were chocolate covered raisins, but Gman was totally disgusted and upset.  Grandma couldn't get him to try one.

The next morning the dinos were doing a little better with the big boy potty...

It wasn't all about the bathroom though.  One morning they were playing with Gman's trucks.

And one morning they helped themselves to hot chocolate.


They even had a slumber party in Gman's bed while we were out camping.  We came home from our camping trip to this!

Those naughty dinosaurs are busy little guys.

July 12, 2019   Sunrise 3:42 am  Sunset 12:11 am  Temp. H71/ L 58

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