Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Breakfast Sandwiches and the Quarantine Quarrel

It was our first fight...

It was Sunday morning, I was up at 6:15 because that is as late as the dogs would let me sleep.  Dave slept until 9:00.  He had just come downstairs and was having his first cup of coffee and we were talking about what we wanted to get done for the day.  Dave said he needed to go to Freds to get some stakes to tie up the giant ferns we have in front of our house, I said, "There are 11 things on my shopping list, can you get those too?"
He didn't want to, he wanted me to get the stakes when I went shopping, but I wasn't planning on going shopping, there were only 11 things on the list, and nothing I needed that day. 
Then he said, "If you go now, you will be back before I mow and we can tie up the ferns."
"I wasn't planning on shopping today, I want to dye my hair this morning and I can't go to the store looking like this."
Then he had the nerve to say, "Are you really that vain?"

That vain?  Have you met me?  I am the woman who used to pay someone to glue individual eye lashes on my skimpy lashes.  I am the woman who now pays way too much for some serum to paint on my eyelashes before I go to bed and I wear mascara every day, when I work at home and I see NO ONE.  I am the woman who had dyed my hair for the last 35 years because I started going gray in high school.  I am the woman he married 21 years ago and he knows all this, plus when I said "I can't go to the store looking like this," it was because I had been waiting the last 3 hours for him to wake up so I could shower, brush my teeth and get dressed.  Am I really that vain?  Well, we exchanged some words, I got dressed, brushed my teeth and went to the store.  We were quiet and distant with each other for the rest of the day, and I'm still not over it.  And, because I'm so kind and not passive aggressive at all, I am going to fix chicken for dinner 2 times this week, because I know it's not his favorite and I will fix fresh green beans, twice (again, not his favorite).

So, life in quarantine goes on.  At least he gets to leave the house and go into the office now for work, which is a good thing because that means he is gone all day.  That together for 24/7 wasn't working for us.

I made a batch of keto waffles.  I love these with syrup and butter, but I made these breakfast sandwiches to switch it up a little.  They are like the McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, only good for you!  And they keep me full until we have baked chicken breasts for dinner...
Butter and Sriracha are so good!

Breakfast Sandwiches
2 mini waffles, I used these in the mini waffle iron and have a batch in the freezer to pop in the toaster
1 egg, fried the way you like it
sausage patty or bacon, your option
sriracha, optional but suggested

Fry an egg, I like mine over hard.  Toast two waffles, cook sausage or bacon.  Butter the waffles, place egg and sausage on one waffle, add sriracha, if desired, and top with second waffle.  Enjoy!

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June 3, 2020  Sunset  12:12 am  Sunrise 3:24am  Temp. H 62/ L 48°F

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