Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Florida Vacation

I was a little excited and had to cry a little when I saw her.
We just got home from a week in Florida.  My brother in law (BIL) bought a home down there last year and we went to visit him, get some sun and swim with the manatee.

I've always loved manatee, over 30 years ago I had tickets to go to Florida and swim with the manatee, but I got pregnant with my first son and the doctor said I couldn't go.  Then kids were born and other things took precedence and it just never happened. Well, it finally rose to the top of the list and we went. 

We spent a couple days with the BIL and Dave golfed, we went to Crystal River and I swam with the manatee, we went to Universal Studios and to Harry Potter Land, we caught a Yankees spring training game with the Pirates and a weekend with Gman and his people on the way home.  It was a wonderful break from the snow and cold, an amazing experience that I have waited a long time to do, and a nice visit with the BIL.

Now it is back to reality and a very busy 6 weeks through spring travel season.  It's a good thing we had a rest, I'll be gone more than I'm home for a good while.

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March 5, 2019   Sunrise 7:45 am  Sunset 6:20 pm  Temp. H 24/ L 10°F

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