Monday, November 25, 2013

Pomegranate Martini

I can't really call this drink of the week because I'll have more than one kind of drink this week...and I'm starting early.

My friend Donna comes over the Wednesday before Thanksgiving every year, to keep me company while I make pies for our Thanksgiving dinner.  We always drink coffee with Kahlua and pumpkin creamer.  I used to make about 7 pies, our dinner crowd was so large, but I'm down to just a couple pies since there will only be 6 of us around the table this year.  It just gives us more time to drink.

For our Thanksgiving day drink I'll be making this martini. I have to practice today to make sure it is just right for our guests on Thursday (I am a thoughtful hostess!).   It has just the right amount of citrus to make it fresh, and the pomegranate promises of great holiday memories to come...just don't drink too many or those memories will be ones you regret - or don't remember at all!

Pomegranate martini
2 oz citrus vodka
1 oz Grand Marnier
2 oz pomegranate juice
lemon wedge
orange rind for garnish
pomegranate seeds for garnish, optional

In a shaker filled with ice, add vodka, Grand Marnier, and pomegranate juice.  Shake well.  Strain into martini glass, top with juice from the lemon wedge, twist orange rind over glass, garnish with the rind and pomegranate seeds.

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